Preparing for Tįlknafjöršur visit

Accommodation and food?

In Reykjavík at hostels near centre,

At Tálknafjörður, see you will stay near to school and have meals in the cantina. The school has a sport hall and a swimming pool next door. We will take care of meals on our trips.

What to bring?

Warm clothes (for rain and snow, you never know), sunglasses, swimsuit and towel, good shoes, notebook and an Ipad if you have one.  Remember medicine if you need some and to inform us about allergies.

What to prepare?

A playful introduction about your school and country, maybe some songs to teach us all, some games or plays, all preparation is organised by the teachers.

Who is participating?

32 students with Jennie and Petter, and papa Peter, from Fredrikshov Slotts Skola in Stockholm. From Rakvere Gymnasium in Rakvere, Estonia, came 12 students with their teachers Maie and Juta. Tálknafjarðarskóli at Tálknafjörður, Iceland, was the host and almost everybody got involved but 12 students with their Helga Birna, Lára and Áróra participated in project work as well as Kristín, the project coordinator.  

Program is here!


On the photo you see Peter, a Swedish father that came all the way to Tálknafjörður with the Swedish group. Many thanks to him and all the other parents that have supported the project.