Ideas about future schools
Schools should prepare children by teaching them even more foreign languages and practice speaking and communicating both in foreign languages and in the main language. Also it would really help students when the teachers give them some kinds of logical thinking exercises etc. Many pupils also put the stress on the teamwork, IT, economy, paying taxes and environment.
In 30 years will probably be popular some kind of developed smartphones, Spotify related app or still Spotify, Google glasses, Smartboards, 3D/4D things (printers and so on), holograms.
Unnecessary lessons in school are music lessons. We found that everybody has some kind of lesson that he/she doesn't need, but the other ones just feel necessary to have it. So we decided that we should sooner get to choose what we want to study. Also some children said that we should need a 3D printer to develop our thinking, better teachers, more trips and hobby clubs (art club, choir/singing club, band), more ordinary clubs or gatherings (manga club, sportsmen club), lessons which are held outside, orientatings in forests, camping etc. It was pointed out that teachers should treat students equally and they should collect the kids' phones at the beginning of the lesson (1.-5th grade) and also that you should get to choose which P.E you want to join the boys' or the girls'. But, we also discussed what lessons should be in the program. We came up with cooking, how to get money and also home economics.
In conclusion we decided to give our opinions to our school headboard and the student council and also to the local newspaper after we return.
Student group from Rakvere