Main question: How will the future labour market look like and how should schools prepare children for the future?

Goal: Motivate students and teachers to gain secrurity in using technology and IT as a tool in order to prepare the students for future reality. To be able to form hypotheses about how the future might look like and with this as a starting point figure out what schools should be teaching in order for the students to succeed.

Strategy: Research how the society looked like thirty years ago compared to today’s society. What does researchers focus on right now and what could be a possible development with regards to the knowledge gained.  For instance, make three columns (see below)

1985 2015 2045
Sony Walkman Spotify/Cellphones  ?
LPs          Spotify ?
Phone booths       Cellphones ?
Typewriter    Computer  ?

Have a class discussion around what kind of knowledge the students need from schools right now in order for the students to be able to invent and develop new things. Are some of the subjects we teach today unnecessary? Do we require new skills and subjects in schools?

Outcome: According to the results, what do we do with the knowledge gained. How do we spread it? Do we write a letter to our minister in charge of education? Do we contact our principal? The European Union? Other?  

When we meet in May we will share our results and how we proceeded.