Buns buns buns on Bolludagur

In Tálknafjarðarskóli we celebrated and produced material about traditions on Bolludagur that is called Shrove Monday. We like the tradtions related to this day as most people eat a lot of buns on Shrove Monday.

Please note that you have to download the e-books (epub files) to your ipad.

Recipe of delicious buns

By Embla Hrönn, Elmar Elí and Hjalti Mar

Buns and spanking on Shrove Monday

By Einar Árni, Gabríel Ingi and Guðrún Ósk 

Comic story of buns and spanking 

 By Sindri Snær

 Yeast buns recipe 

 By Andrea, Sindri Snær and Magnús Breki