Different traditions, spring 2014

Different traditions, habits, festive days and celebrations is what we decided to work on and present to each other this spring.

In Tálknafjarðarskóli we celebrated and produced material about traditions on Bolludagur that is called Shrove Monday. This year Bollludagur was on the 3rd of March. We like the tradtions related to this day as most people eat a lot of buns on Shrove Monday.

Indipendence Day of Estonia was our project in Rakvere Gymnasium. in the gallery you can see a lot of photos from celebrations in our school and at home as well. The indipendence day is the 24th of February as it is the date of the declaration of independence in 1918.

Colourful Easter traditions are brougt to life in the presentations given to us by the group in Fredrikshovs Slotts Skola. This year Easter Sunday was  be on the 20th of April. On our page you will find films and e-books and texts about different traditions related to Easter.