Christmas in Rakvere

On 24th december estonians celebrate christmas. We bring in the christmas tree and decorate it with christmas decorations. Alot of these decorations are homemade. We also light candles on every advent. Usually people decorate their houses with christmas lights.

Usually people get/open gifts in the evening when Santa Claus comes. We have to read poems or sing to Santa to get the present. We offer him food and alcohol.

When it's christmas we dress a little bit fancier than usual. At christmas the family gets together and we cook, play games, eat, sing and have a good time.

In addition to Santa Claus (or "jõuluvana", as we call him), estonian children also believe in small helpers, the elves. Our name for them is "päkapikud", which basically means "as tall as half of a foot". They wear all red and white, and are very tiny. Starting at the first Advent, children put slippers on the windowsill, and in the morning there are sweets inside. The elves stop bringing little snacks after the Epiphany, the 6th of January.

Traditional Christmas foods include blood sausage (a dark-coloured sausage with groats), sauerkraut (sour lettuce and carrots), a pig roast, and gingerbread.

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