Progressing with our project

Here you can follow how we progress with our cooperation and learning through the ISE-project.

On these pages we tell stories of our visits and journeys. Also of the projects we do in our schools and together in groups across schools when we meet.

Our first meeting was in Tálknafjörður. It was rather cold, we had a lot of fun and learned about living in a fishing village in Iceland.

Here we puplish our projects done separately in our schools, on Christmas traditions and different holidays and events in spring

The second meeting was in spring 2014 in Rakvere. It was warm and rainy and we enjoyed the beautiful Estonian forrests.

Our third and last meeting was in spring 2015 in Stockholm. We got beautiful days and visited may wonder of the city. We also presented how we had  worked on the assignment and discussed all together the question: How will the future labour market look like and how should schools prepare children for the future?